Peace of mind ni haki yako.


To mitigate stigma associated with Mental Health and Substance dependency through Psychosocial support, Advocacy and therapy.

What we Do

Help Those Facing Mental Health Challenges

Therapy is our core remedy and psychosocial support is what we offer people of our community as we seek to address problems that arise from Mental Health cases. Our major areas are; Mental Health Awareness, Depression and Stress Management, Suicide Awareness and Prevention, Drug addiction and alcoholism, Youth empowerment programs, Mentorship Programs, Gender based violence (GBV), Family Therapy, Social Justice activism and Rehabilitation of street families.

How We Do It

Our Community Development Approach

  1. Basic services and security.
    We offer support aimed at ensuring practical needs are addressed in ways that enhance well being.
  2. Community and Family Support.
    We aim at existing social practices or support new ones
  3. Focused non-specialized support.
    We offer targeted programs by trained persons for specific issues
  4. Specialized services.
    We offer complex psychological,psychiatric or social interventions.
Why We Do IT

Because we believe in you and your future

We have undergone mental health conditions that resulted in our members engaging in crime, drugs , substance abuse, GBV, HIV & Aids, Alcoholism and Suicide.We know what works and what does not work in Kibra.

In Kibra mental health has affected people’s relationships with their children, spouses, relatives, friends, and co-workers. This has led to problems such as social isolation, which has disrupted people’s communication and interactions with others. This has particularly harmful effects on children and adolescents whose development depends on forming bonds with their family members and peers. In adults, this social isolation has led to family breakdown, divorce, or even childhood neglect.

how you can Help

Get involved with our programs

We are looking for volunteers and partners to help us in our mission. Our work is so big and vast that we cannot do this without your help. Reach out to us below and get involved!

Are you ready to make a difference in the lives of those living with mental health challenges in Kibra?