Community Mental Health Awareness

We offer sensitization programs around Kibra on matters mental health.

About these programs

1. Mental Health Awareness

We offer sensitization programs around Kibra on matters mental health quarterly. We offer information, education and communication (IEC) materials on various topics touching on mental health.

We do outreach programs in the community for families that have beneficiaries/clients who are infected or affected by mental health situations.

We provide workshops, training programs, campaigns (Audio visual), poster, brochures, mental health screening,volunteering, general health screening etc.

Giving training on Alcoholism, Drugs and Substance Abuse
2. Kaa!! Raada!!

Kaa!!Raada is a cleaning up initiative that focuses on relationship between the environment and mental health. We conduct monthly clean up activities around Kibra as we sensitize the community on how clean environment and mental health go hand in hand.

The initiative is conducted in collaboration with Mazingira Women Initiative and Walakolo Self Help Group.

Cleaning Up Kianda 42 Stage in Kibra
3. Saturday Artivism  

Saturday Artivism offers the children, teens, youths and adults of Kibra a way of using play to manage stress and depression.

Every Saturday we meet to engage in football, music, Art, chess, Ludo, gymnastics and Karate.

Having a Match with Teens from Kianda

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More Akili Bomba projects

Outreach Programs

Outreach Programs

Akili Bomba engages  members, beneficiaries and clients in therapy sessions with a difference.

Institutional Mental Health Awareness

Institutional Mental Health Awareness

Students lives are connected to their emotional, mental and physical well-being.

Poverty Reduction Programs (Uradi Kwa Vijana)

Poverty Reduction Programs (Uradi Kwa Vijana)

Poverty plays a key part in the fight against mental health related issues in Kibra.